Started My New Job This Week

I got this tip on the opening here from a friend of mine. He works with some accountants in Bristol and his company does the books for these people. Apparently they told him that they had a job opening and he immediately thought of me. It is a very good match for my skills as I did some very similar administrative work with the Royal Marine Corps while I was in the service and recuperating from a parachute jump that went badly. I went down there on my way to work one morning. In fact I just had to get out of bed about ten minutes early. It is literally that close to where I am living. Continue reading

Information for Dealing with Herpes

YouTube Downloader HDI come from a fairly religious family, and it is unfortunate, because it has left me without a lot of knowledge about sex, and the risks of having it. I was not allowed to take sexual education class with the rest of my class, because my parents would not allow it. They thought such information would corrupt my mind. Anyway, it would have been nice to know more about sex and the risks. Because, now I am going to need to find a herpes cure, if I am ever going to make up for the mistakes that I have made out of ignorance to the risks of sexually promiscuous behavior.

I did not know anything about sexually transmitted diseases, for the most part, when I was entering into high school. I guess I would have known a lot more, if I had taken a class on sexual education. Anyway, due to my lack of knowledge, I probably put myself in more risky situations than I should have. Continue reading

Checking out a Hosting Provider Before Signing Up is Wise thumbnailThere is a lot of thought that you should put into picking your hosting provider for your website. Do not just go for the one with the coolest sounding name. Also, look into what those low priced web hosts are truly offering. If you get one with a lousy Control Panel, you will be sorry you ever went with them. This is why I took the time to go to I wanted to get a feel for what the Control Panels offered at the various hosts. You might know it as a cPanel.

The cPanel is where you control everything about your website files, scripts and the under-the-hood stuff of your domain. You want full control, easy access and no hassles. Continue reading

Reliable Dry Fillers for Production Line Packaging

Details about Monogram Speedee-Bilt F9F Panther Balsa & Plastic KitIf you have ever worked on a production line, you know that the packaging equipment can make or break your profit margin. If a packaging machine goes down, that is product not going out the door to the retail stores. Even machines that need extensive cleaning between shifts, or when product runs are changed, cause profit loss. Any time that the machines are not putting product into packages is lost money. That is why we were careful about what company we bought our dry fillers from.

Auger filling machines can be especially tricky. You want ones that are extremely reliable. Here at our packaging facility we fill a dry seed product into bags that is for human food grade snacks. We package different seeds, and we do not want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning machines between each product packaging run. Continue reading

I Stick with Sidewinder Chains and Sprockets

I ride on our property to monitor fences and livestock. My dad and grandfather still use horses to check fence lines and our livestock. I use a motorcycle. It gets me everywhere on the property fast. The rides can be brutal on the dirtbikes I have, and that is why I get parts from I end up replacing OEM chains and sprockets before the first ride. I have been stuck miles out into the acreage we own before and it is no fun.

I keep three bikes in tip top shape with the products I order online at I ordered a new chain and sprocket kit for each bike before I brought it home. Continue reading

Taking an Old Home and Making It New

Glass Shower Doors Glass Shower DoorsMy wife and I decided several years ago that we wanted to purchase a home, but we never got around to it until now. She was awarded a large settlement and she used a lot of it for a down payment. She was very adamant about buying an older home, even though this means that there will need to be a lot of work put into it and we plan to start right away. This is the main reason why I am going to hire someone who offers shower enclosures in long island. The one that is there now is very old and damaged. It has also sustained a lot of water damage over the years. I couldn’t possibly imagine taking a shower in the place while looking at something that is old and beat down. Continue reading

The Contractor Fixed My Roof

Roofing Contractor DoncasterI hate it when natural disatster come to my area. There was a really bad storm that came to the neighborhood, and it did a lot of damage to the homes in the area. Everyone was glad that they made it out of the storm safely, but they were devastated to see the damage their homes had faced. The roof of my home was damaged badly, and I had to call a roofing contractor in manhattan ny to fix it.

I know it’s bad for us, but for all of the businesses in the Manhattan area that do a lot of construction and contracting work, they will be receiving a lot of business. Continue reading

Getting Started on Vacation Planning

... Supreme Court Lane, Central Singapore Classified | SingaporeListed.comWe decided that the trip was probably a bit too long for a car like ours. It is just going to be EMily, myself, a three year old child and a newly born child of 17 weeks, but of course those kids require all sorts of stuff. Patty is able to go to the big girl potty and she behaves herself extremely well. I guess we got lucky, but she hates long car trips. We decided to check out the car rental promotion deals and get something bigger than our car for the week. We looked at the passenger vans, but what we got was a sport utility vehicle, but one of the more fuel efficient ones. Continue reading

What were those fireballs released by f-4 phantoms over vietnam?

  1. What are those flare-looking things that F-4 Phantoms dropped in the vietnam war, like napalm or something? It was in a scene in forrest gump. What else did f-4s do for ground support?
    In forrest gump, Lt. Dan called in an airstrike, then the f-4s came in and dropped those things, so the’yre not actually flares.
    Here’s the forrest gump scene, (scroll to 6:45) –

    Answer by Al A
    burn down the jungle so Americans can see whats in front

  2. am taking a managerial economics class, and for the final we need to know the F statistic and its relationship to economics. I am not good at stats so if their are other statistical terms used in explaining the F statistic, if you could clarify them that would be great! thanks!

    Answer by Tony
    Gawd, this is a broad question, made particularly difficult because I don’t know your background. I’ll take a guess and do wot I can.

    Consider the “t” statistic. When you wish to compare two sample means or a sample mean against a poopulation, you compute a statistic

    (xbar – mu)/sd

    or subtract the sample mean from the population mean (or the two sample means from each other), divide by the standard deviation of the mean (usually s.d./sqrt(n)) and get a number. This number is a statistic which has a distribution. That distribution is described or defined as a “t” distribution, and is tabled in the back of most stat textbooks If the number is greater than some given number in the table, then “statistical significance” is claimed.

    If the s.d. is KNOWN, then the statistic is described or defined as a “z” or “standard normal” distribution, and you look up the number in the standard normal table.

    For many statistical tests, the procedure is the same. You compute some statistic, then compare the result to some theoretical distribution (t, z) to determine if the results you obtained are ‘reasonable”.

    Other such distributions are the Chi Square, exponential, binomial, Poisson, etc. Each are used in various cases depending upon the underlying distribution and statistic computed.

    From what you wrote, I surmise that you are using the F distribution for some purpose. The typical use of the F distribution is to compare the ratio of two variances–often used for the computational procedure “analysis of variance”. Nuttin “special” about it. If you understand the “t-test”, the exact same logic applies, but instead of looking up the number in a t table, you look it up on an F table.


  3. Compare ∆f and df

    f(x,y) = [e^x] –[y(e^y)]
    (a,b) = (0,1)
    ∆x = .3, ∆y = .01

    The answer is ∆f = .2950836; df= .2456344, but how do you get this?

    Answer by MAGlCK
    f(a,b) = f(0,1) = (e^0) – (1 * (e^1)) = -1.71828183
    f(a + ∆x, b + ∆y) = f(0.3,1.01) = (e^.3) – (1.01 * (e^1.01)) = -1.42319822
    ∆f = f(0,1) – f(0.3,1.01) = (e^.3)-(1.01*(e^1.01)) – ((e^0)-(1*(e^1))) = 0.295083611

    Sadly, I do not remember enough from multivariable calculus to determine what df could even stand for in this situation, i’m going to need some help or additional information to finish the second part of this problem. I’m guessing it has something to do with partial derivatives…

A Useful Link from a Friend

My friend always gives me random website links for no reason. Sometimes I call him the human spam bot, because he’ll just send me an email with nothing but a link in it. Most of the time the links are just funny time wasters or short videos. Occasionally he’ll send something like a news story, but he doesn’t send these very often. One day he sent me a link to and I was very puzzled.

I didn’t quite understand why he would send me a link to a satellite provider. He doesn’t work for a provider, so he couldn’t have been advertising for them. I couldn’t figure out why he sent the link, so I just clicked it for myself. I think my friend sent me the link because he wanted me to see how low the prices for satellite tv are. I have normal television, and I always talk about how the prices for cable and satellite are too high, which is why I don’t have them. Continue reading

Newbie In Games? Consider These Expert Tips!

You should play with the specific equipment needed for the game of your choosing. Do not just think that a controller will be enough and then find out at home that you need something else. Read any of the labels on the box so you can figure out exactly what all the game needs to be played. When you are ready to play, you will be certain that you have everything you need.There are many types of video game consoles. You should keep a few things in mind prior to deciding the system you will buy. The most important thing is the titles that a particular system has that will be of interest to your child. After you decide, think about how much memory the console offers. A lot of games have add-ons to download and they can Retain Scanning

Making Money Online Is Easier Than You Imagine

One great way to make money online is to write. If you have the talent and ability to write well with few or no grammatical and spelling errors, many people will want your services. Writing jobs can be anything from rewriting badly written information to writing all-new, original information and more. You can also make money by writing your own content for a blog or article directory by making good use of keywords and opening an account with Google AdSense.Do freelance writing in your spare time to earn a decent amount of cash. There are websites that you can sign up for where you can choose from a wide variety of topics to write on. Typically, the higher paying sites will request that you take a test to determine Retain Scanning

Intend To Make Funds On the internet? Look At This

Enter contests and sweepstakes. By just entering one contest, your odds arent great. Your odds are substantially better, however, when you enter multiple contests regularly. Taking a little time to enter a few free contests daily could really pay off in the future. Make a new e-mail account just for this purpose. You dont want your inbox overflowing with spam.Have you heard people claim to make money online? Its something that everyone wants to do, and it seems like it should be easy. But if youve listened to horror stories, it seems to be hard. The secret to making money online is to follow the right advice, and here is some great advice to make some money.Do you have expertise in a certain field? You could start Retain Scanning

Debt Consolidation Advice For Those Dealing With It

Know what your position is on collateral before applying for a debt consolidation loan. If you don't have collateral of sufficient worth, the terms for your loan will not be as favorable. Without sacrificing your home, tally up your assets until you reach a number that satisfies the criteria for collateral and take it from there. Think carefully about the contract offered by your debt consolidation agency. Go over the terms and conditions and assess the impact of this payment arrangement on your finances. Make sure this contract is a better option than paying your creditors back without merging your accounts, for instance by calculating how interests will add up. What do you plan to do with the extra money you have Retain Scanning

What You Need To Find Out About Generating An Income Online

If you are looking to make a few extra bucks online but dont want an actual job, you could always fill out surveys. Many researchers offer a couple of dollars for filling out surveys for them. Some companies will pay you via PayPal while others will send you a check.If you want to make money online, have accounts set up with both PayPal and Amazon Payments. Many websites and income opportunities use one of these two methods to pay you for your work. This is especially true of PayPal in general online, so at least have that account set up. Selling your pictures online can be a great way to make extra monely. People and business are always in need of good stock photography and they are willing to pay for good images. Retain Scanning

Beauty Tips That Everyone Should Know About

Different people have different opinions. What one finds beautiful, the other may not. This also depends on how you beautify yourself or others. The advice in this article should help you know where to start.Coat your feet with Vaseline at night. Your feet will feel as smooth as a baby's bottom. Adding this into your nightly regimen can make it easy to remember. Put Vaseline on your feet and then place some socks on. Sunglasses are a great accessory to any outfit. Making a decision has to be up to the individual thinking about wearing the sunglasses. Think to yourself "What is the point to these?" ", are just a few things you should consider. Regular exercise is good for your looks. You will stay youthful-looking Retain Scanning

Generating An Income Online Is Less Difficult Than You Think

Lots of people around the world are struggling as wage slaves and wishing they could be self employed. Most people arent sure how to get started. The solution is making money online. This piece is useful if you wish to learn more. Write online to make money. There are quite a few legitimate companies that pay people to write articles online. You can find many different companies that will pay you to write different content with varying topics. If you enjoy writing, you should do research to look for companies that will pay you to write online.Many people make quite a bit of money by filling out surveys and participating in online studies. There are numerous websites that offer this kind of work, and it can be quite Retain Scanning

How You Can Go From Beginner To Professional In Marketing With Articles

When getting into the article marketing field, be sure that you realize success does not come right away. It is easy to get discouraged or quit article marketing because you do not receive instant results. Let time go on, and youll see positive results. The ideal length for your articles is around 400-600 words. Articles of this length are more likely to hold your readers interest until the end. The average person is likely to become bored, and skip through long drawn-out articles. Because of this, clear articles that quickly cut to the chase are the most affective Market your expensive items, not your cheap products. Selling expensive products via article marketing will not require more effort than selling cheap Retain Scanning

$16 Blue Whale Migration Spring/Summer Cruise Special!

Blue Whale Migration Spring/Summer Cruise Special! Event on 2014-06-20 10:00:00 The annual "Giant Blue Whale Migration" brings hundreds of blue whales each spring/summer to the waters off the Huntington & Newport Beaches. Over 800 whales were viewed just last summer (summer 2013) alone. Giant blue whales were once considered quite rare off southern California, but over the last five years this has changed dramatically with hundreds/thousands of giant blue whales spotted each year. These giants of the sea reach lengths of up to 90 feet and are the largest of all animals. Along with viewing these giants, the second largest whale in the world, the finback whale has also taken to the waters of southern Retain Scanning

Solutions ? – Struggling With Back Pain? Get Some Relief By Trying These Ideas

When you have to carry heavy objects, you should distribute the weight evenly. If you carry a book bag or large tote every day, then look for a style that allows you to support the weight with both shoulders.Yoga can provide relief to those affected by back pain. Yoga has many therapeutic benefits to the body and the mind. This can help you correct your spine's misalignment. It can also make your body relaxed because it loosens muscles. It is not hard to find classes, as most gyms offer them. Stop smoking cigarettes! Smokers are much more likely to have back pain than nonsmokers. Smoking decreases blood circulation throughout your body while also constricting the blood vessels, and that prevents the healthy nutrients Retain Scanning

Hunting For Assistance With Article Promotion? Locate It Here!

If national or local celebrities are seen using your product, do not fear asking permission to pass that fact along. These unpaid endorsements can create a huge demand for your product or similar products. You should never engage in making erroneous claims regarding celebrity use of your product because that can expose you to legal issues.A lot of websites will pay you a commission based on the number of times your article is viewed. As you can see, there are many income-producing endeavors that you can take advantage of as an article writer. You can make a decent amount.Post on your website all your articles so you can take advantage of the keyword searches results for articles that you have previously written. Retain Scanning

Browse this – Don’t Have Cosmetic Surgery Without Reading This First

Don't schedule cosmetic surgery during any emotionally complex time of your life. Your mental performance needs to also be at its peak to help cope with the surgery after effects. Slow recoveries can affect your emotions negatively. Check into all options in terms of financing. Talk with your doctor about payment plans that they may have used in the past. If your surgeon of choice will not accept a payment plan, there are probably other surgeons in the area that will work with you. Price and quality don't always come together. Do not let price be the determining factor in choosing a plastic surgeon. The surgeon that offers procedures at the lowest prices can either be a good value, or it could mean that he is cutting Retain Scanning

Drake vs Lil Wayne

Drake vs Lil Wayne Event on 2014-09-27 19:00:00 at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 2005 Lake Robbins DriveDrop By Sponsor Link in reference to Totesport -Totesport Spring, United States Drake vs Lil Wayne Event on 2014-09-22 19:00:00 at Hollywood Bowl 2301 North Highland Avenue Los Angeles, United States Retain Scanning

Amazing : ) – Great Football Advice For Novices And Professionals

Football has been played for years. From the early days of throwing a pigskin around to the modern day balls created and designed by advanced technology, the game has witnessed dramatic change. Keep reading if you desire to increase your knowledge about the game.Football can sometimes be a very confusing game to follow if you don't understand the rules. Although knowing all the rules is not necessary to enjoy the game, it can help make it less complicated to follow. Avoiding getting lost when the next football game is on and read the tips below to help you figure out football. Take videos of yourself playing football if you wish to play in college. Make sure that this video highlights plays from your games that feature Retain Scanning


Various Outstanding chimpanzee Photos ChimpanzeePromotion from Clickbank relating to Totesport :Totesport Image by pattoise Chimpanzee looking cool Image by Tambako the Jaguar A chimpanzee sitting in the grass and looking cool! Retain Scanning

Learn Some Hotel Secrets You May Not Know About

Do comparison shopping online. Often you"ll need to do some comparison shopping to find the best deals out there. Some quick web searches can do you a lot of good. There you'll see who has the best prices for hotels in the areas you are considering. It can save you some real cash. To help your family get into the hotel as comfortably as possible when you are pulling in for a late-night checkin, pull the car under the porte cochere, and leave the engine running while you go inside to check in. Even if you don't get lucky enough to get to have a room close to the front and have to drive to another entrance, this minimizes the traipsing that they have to do. To ensure that you don't leave anything behind when you are Retain Scanning

Urban Cyclists Turn to Online Shops for City Bikes This Summer

Urban Cyclists are turning to online bike shops this summer for wider selections of urban city bikes, lower prices and are enjoying the shopping experience without having to haggle with a salesperson. Sites like are fully stocked for 2014 and are making it so easy to buy online with geometry and height charts for each bike, free shipping and no sales tax; internet savvy urban cyclists say their purchase was a no brainer. Partner Link from One Click Media in relation to Totesport -Totesport Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 19, 2014 Urban Cyclists are turning to online bike shops this summer for wider selections of urban city bikes and much lower prices than their local bike shops can offer. Sites like Retain Scanning

What You Need To Know About Chiropractic Care

Never rely on the diagnosis that comes from a chiropractor without independent verification from another doctor. Some chiropractors have enough knowledge to make a correct diagnosis, but you as a patient have no easy way to find out which chiropractors can do this. Talk to your general practitioner to get a diagnosis before going to a chiropractor. There are lots of folks who attribute their continued good health to routine chiropractic care. To those who have yet to experience this phenomenon, the incredible claims may seem a bit exaggerated. However, after reviewing the material presented above, it is likely that lots more individuals will begin to explore the potential benefits of chiropractic treatment. To keep Retain Scanning